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OIGHROllI 200 



Division of International Medical Corporation 

Simples, Fast and Accurat 

And now the Digitron 200 comes standard v 

Standard on all Digitron scales is a 
readout control featuring a reading in both 
pounds and kilograms. (A kilograms-only 
control is also available.) With a simple flip 
of a switch the operator can read a patient's 
weight in either pounds or kilograms with no 
computation required. 

Also featured is our weight reading 
hold button which displays the reading for 
15 seconds after the stretcher stops moving 
(about 10 seconds after the button is pushed, 
even slight oscillation of the bars will cause 
erroneous weight readings which is why we 
don't give an instant reading). 

As an additional feature, a red button 
lights while the system is being charged. (The 
digital display will flicker when the batteries 
require charging.) 

The need for daily patient weight 
monitoring has become a well established and 
necessary procedure in Intensive Care, Cor- 
onary Care, Dialysis, Pediatrics and Fluid 

Balance Monitoring. Our challenge is to make 
weight monitoring simple, fast and accurate 
with minimal strain on staff time and backs. 

The Digitron 200 meets this need 
with the most advanced trouble-free design 
available for weight measurement in non- 
ambulatory patients. Consider the following 
advantages of the Digitron 200 scale: 

Easy. .Simple lift mechanism and digital 
readout are operated with minimal training 
and only one staff member is required for 
weighing the average patient. 

Reliable. . . Solid-state electronics with battery 
operation providing 1000 measurements 
between charges. 

Mobile . Readily transported to any bed 
within the facility. 

Accurate. Adjustable zero and repeatability 
within 0.2 lbs. (100 grams). 

Economical . . Saves time, requires no 

:e Weight Measurement 

f ith a combination pounds/kilograms readout. 

Repeatable Accuracy 

Repeatability is the single most important factor in weight 
measurement. The Digitron 200 is the only scale of its type that can 
insure repeatably accurate weight measurements regardless of the 
patient's position on the stretcher. No other scale of this type can 
make or produce this claim. The reason: The Digitron 200 utilizes 
a unique free-pivoting transducer design which insures that the 
vectorfan imaginary line denoting direction of force) through the 
transducer bar and the vector through the center of gravity are 
always parallel. Should these two vectors ever be at angles to each 
other, as they can be with other scales of this type, depending on 
the patient's position on the stretcher, an off-center loading error 

occurs, up to and including errors as much as 5% of the patient's 

Because the Digitron 200 cannot have an off-center loading 
error we are able to offer a much wider area for the patient to lie 
in while being weighed — a 28Vi" distance between the hooks — 

4 Vi" wider than other models. This feature can be offered because 
we don't have to roll the patient into a pocket in the center of the 
stretcher (which is very uncomfortable for the patient). The patient 
may be placed anywhere on the Digitron 200 stretcher and you will 
be provided with REPEATABLY ACCURATE weight measurement 

Unique transducer design — allowing the 
arms to pivot freely around the trans- 
ducer bar, thus allowing the transducer 
bar to remain stable regardless of the 
patient's position on the stretcher 

A Unique Design 

Lift mechanism: Hydraulic Hoyer™ 
or mechanical lift 

Power: Self-contained battery, 

1000 measurements 
between charges. 
Automatic recharger 

Stretcher: Urethane-coated nylon 

fabric... or bacterio- 
static Staph-Chek® 




Illuminated digital 

Four full swivel, ball 
bearing, two lockable. 
One year against defects 
in workmanship and/or 

Easy Stretcher Storage- hanger 
for storage during non-use 
periods or when transporting 
the scale to another bed 



Cat. No. 

of stretcher: 

Digitron 2(H) 

SR-200 (kilos only) 
SR-210 (pounds/kilo) 
200 kg or 450 lbs. 

100 gram's (0.2 lbs.) 

72" x 32" 

95 lbs. (uncrated) 

Unique Transducer Design - 

free pivoting transducer mount- 
ing provides repeatable at r uracy 
— arms r an rotate 36CP without 
any movement of the transduc er 

comfortable, and is easier for 
the nurse to use Inexpensive, 
disposable sheets are available 
to protect the stretcher. 

Extremely Functional Frame 

features loc kable swivel wheels 
and unique low clearance design 
The Digitron 2(X) scale is easily 
maneuvered through crowded 
aisles and under any hospital bed 

Reliable Hoyer" Lift— available 
in hydraulic or mechanical 
Easily operated by any staff 
member. Employs a simple, 
smooth operating mechanism 
and is very safe for patient 
and staff 

Wheel Spreader -allows the 
scale base to be spread open to 
easily support even the largest 
patient w ithout any possibility of 


Division of International Medical Corporation 

Manufactured by SR Instruments 

4240 Park Newport, Suite 213, Newport Beach, CA 92660 (714) 640-0387 

Printed in U S A